Mary Wood & Pat Bingaman

Mary Wood &

Pat Bingaman

Mary Wood and Patricia Bingaman have been life long friends. Both have recently moved to Autumn Ridge Supportive Living where they have continued to grow their friendship. Mary and Pat are originally from Ullin, Illinois, but have lived in multiple places through the years. However they always seem to find their way back to each other.

They reminisced about their high school days growing up in Ullin, often laughing before the other could finish telling a story and chiming in to finish each others sentences. Pat said “If I wasn’t at her house, she was at mine.” They refer to each other as sisters, even though they have sisters of their own. There is no closer bond than the one they share.

Mary and Pat went on to talk about how they worked together in high school at the concession stand as well as other jobs as they grew older. Their mothers even worked together at one point! Both moved away from Ullin to start their families, but they reconnected years later without knowing they lived across the street from one another in Karnak, Illinois. They separated again, but reunited when each moved to Metropolis, Illinois. They then would eventually move away from each other yet again, only to live in the same assisted living facility in Ullin, Illinois. When that facility closed they moved to be near their families before eventually moving to Autumn Ridge Supportive Living. It was as if fate brought them together their entire lives.

Through their many moves they have always remained in contact and considered each other as part of the family. They even have pictures of each others children in their apartments. “God put us together and that’s all there is to it,” Mary said. The pair does differ in some ways however. When asked what they like doing in their free time when they aren’t together, Mary said she enjoys reading books, to which Pat quickly replied, “Oh boy, not me.” Pat would rather be sewing or quilting.

Both women have other friends they have made along the way that also live at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living, but there is no denying the special bond they share with one another. It a true pleasure to have such good friends living at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living to show us a great example of care and compassion for a friend.

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