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James “Dillard” Alsip

Meet James “Dillard” Alsip, our newest resident at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living. Dillard was born and raised In Vienna. The only time he left our area was to pursue his career in construction, which is the field he worked in for 43 years. He found his time in construction very rewarding as he has always enjoyed working with his hands. Dillard is proud of his hometown and has many friends that still live in the area.

Dillard went on to speak fondly of his wife, Lodema, who he was married to for 65 years. He reminisced about growing up four miles away from her. They were childhood friends and went to school and church together but they did not start a relationship until later years. He describes them as “a couple of farm kids”. She worked at a local grocery store and he would make special trips just to go see her. However, their romance did not spark until one night while they were sitting together at a basketball game. From then on, they were inseparable.

Together, Dillard and his wife have three sons. His eyes light up when he discusses family life and what a blessing his children are to him. Family is very important to Dillard as he has many visitors that often come see him at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living. He is very proud of the way he has been able to provide for and support his family through the years.

In the past, Dillard’s hobbies included playing pinochle with his friends. They would get together every Saturday night at the library in town, and during that time they would share meals together and catch up on events of the past week. He had many stories to share of those times with his friends.

Dillard is a great addition to Autumn Ridge Supportive Living. He enjoys the atmosphere and the opportunities he has to socialize with other residents. He loves talking and getting to know new people. His favorite part of living at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living is that, “it’s one big family here.” In fact, he is so social that he says, “most people know me from cover to cover.” We are very happy to have Dillard join us at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living.

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