Delores Boyd

Delores Boyd

Dolores Boyd is a longtime resident of Autumn Ridge Supportive Living, 9 years to be exact. She is the president of our resident council and is active in the social scene at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living. Dolores is responsible for planning and leading a weekly craft class where she instructs fellow residents in crochet skills and other yarn crafts. She is very devoted to life at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living and is always a welcome face to newcomers.

Before moving to Autumn Ridge Supportive Living, Dolores grew up in Oblong, Illinois. There she went to high school, met her husband, and raised two daughters. She is the oldest of her six siblings and the only girl at that. She describes her hometown as a small community where everyone is family. Dolores reminisced about growing up in Oblong and that she was very close with her grandparents, who she would spend summers with. At the age of 10, her grandmother taught her how to crochet. That skill has stuck with her all of her life and is a skill she currently uses at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living weekly. She stated, “I had a very good childhood there and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Dolores then moved to Terre Haute, IN where she lived for 13 years and raised 3 sons. That is where she got a taste of the city life before moving to Texas where she spent 30 years. In Texas, Dolores was a manager for a call center that later was The Hewlett-Packard Company. She took pride in her work and was given the opportunity to travel the country and train others in her craft. She retired from the company after 20 years of dedicated service.

Dolores has two daughters and three sons, which are what brought her to Vienna. One of her daughters owned a ceramic shop in town and convinced her to move to Autumn Ridge Supportive Living to be closer to her. Dolores has never regretted that decision.

Something people may not know about Dolores is that she enjoys sailing and would often visit a friend in Florida who taught her all she knows about sailing. She says, “My most favorite thing in life, besides raising my 5 children, was getting to sail in the Gulf of Mexico.” Dolores is grateful for the experiences sailing gave her and has given her some interesting stories to tell along the way.

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