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Arrowleaf is a nonprofit human services organization that works to build well-being for Southern Illinoisans throughout their lives so they can weather life’s storms, reach their full potential, and help our communities thrive. Our work is focused on three areas essential to well-being and strong communities: Behavioral Health, Developmental Services, and Community Collaboration.

Through more than 25 programs across these three areas, we are able to support Southern Illinoisans through a wide variety of challenges that can come up at different points in life, such as struggles with depression and anxiety, substance use, parenting, care-giving, education, employment, economic stability, navigating the demands of daily life with a disability, and maintaining independence in older age. We also serve as a vital connector between the people of our region and the resources they need, whether we can provide those resources ourselves or not. As we help people in our region navigate the challenges they face throughout their lives, their well being improves, they’re able to contribute more to our communities, and our entire region benefits.

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Behavioral Health

Arrowleaf’s Behavioral Health area of focus provides an array of programs and services that build well-being for individuals throughout our region by helping them navigate the challenges that can come up at different points in their lives.

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Developmental Services

Arrowleaf’s Developmental Services area of focus offers programs and services that support individuals living with intellectual or developmental disabilities in Southern Illinois.

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Community Collaboration

Arrowleaf’s Community Collaboration area of focus includes a wide range of resources and opportunities that connect people with other resources in our communities, strengthen our services in our other areas of focus, and make Southern Illinois more vibrant for all of us.