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In June 2019, the Family Counseling Center, Inc. board of directors, employees, clients, and stakeholders celebrated 45 years of service to the southern Illinois community. Since 2014, the organization has seen exponential growth like no other time in its history. Record revenue, program diversity, and the surge in recipients of services have led Family Counseling Center, Inc. to reexamine its mission and brand.

In late 2019, a campaign was launched to rebrand the organization with a new name, vision, and refreshed mission for 2020…







Sherrie Crabb, CEO

a year’s overview

I think it’s fair to say that 2020 is a year to remember. A year many would like to forget due to the COVID-19 pandemic, talks of a financial recession, political divides, and civil unrest. It would be easy to close the book and never look back again. But what would we learn by doing that? 2020 is like many years of our past—a year where we have an opportunity to reflect and ask ourselves, “What did we learn and what are we going to do better?”

Here at Arrowleaf, we learned how to innovate our services and operations. We learned how to be kinder to our neighbor and take their well-being into consideration before our own. We learned how to listen in order to become a better advocate and ally. And, we learned how to tell our story in a way that resonates with everyone in our community. We learned all of this because of 2020.

Of course, we didn’t learn all of this overnight. Adapting to adverse circumstances is deeply rooted in each of us. It’s a trait that many Southern Illinoisans are proud of. In fact, we rebranded our agency to Arrowleaf because of this steadfast belief. Arrowleaf exists to strengthen Southern Illinois by supporting people in our region as they weather the storms that everyone faces throughout their lives.

We look forward to taking these lessons learned and applying them in 2021 so that we may invest meaningfully in our employees, our clients, our stakeholders, and our community. This annual report evidences that Arrowleaf is the human services organization in Southern Illinois best positioned to support individuals of all ages so that they can contribute to vibrant and more robust communities.

Sherrie L. Crabb,
Chief Executive Officer


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