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Our History


Where We’ve Been

Arrowleaf has been supporting individuals and families in Southern Illinois for decades. When we started, our work focused on evaluation, planning, and the provision of mental health education and services. Today, we do so much more.

Where We’re Going

We are constantly innovating our approach to respond to the people and communities we serve. Today, we’ve grown to offer more than 25 programs across three areas essential to well-being and strong communities, employ more than 200 individuals in the community, and serve over 5,000 clients. Our economic impact in Southern Illinois was over $24 million last year, and we’re on track for further growth this year.

Everything we do is focused on advancing our mission to help all Southern Illinoisans reach their full potential. We work hard to provide individuals with the support, resources, and opportunities they need to overcome the challenges that come up at points in every life so they can build well-being, make our communities more vibrant, and build economic prosperity that benefits everyone.

Why We Changed Our Name in 2020

The name “Family Counseling Center” no longer articulated the scope and impact of the work we did as an organization. For years, we’ve done more than counseling, and we served more than just families in our community. In 2020, it was time for our name and brand to reflect our growth, the people we serve, our community impact, and the full scope of our work. While our name changed, we remain committed to building well-being for Southern Illinoisans throughout their lives so they can weather life’s storms, reach their full potential, and help our communities thrive. We will continue to offer a wide range of essential programs across three areas of focus: Behavioral Health, Developmental Services, and Community Collaboration.

Watch the video below to learn more about why we changed our name to Arrowleaf.

What Arrowleaf Means to Us

Our name, Arrowleaf, holds a lot of meaning in our community. The Arrowleaf plant is indigenous to Southern Illinois and the Shawnee National Forest region. Thriving in adverse conditions of sand and gravel, this plant is both beautiful and resilient, just like the people we work with who overcome adversity and find ways to fulfill their potential despite the challenges they face.