Resident Spotlight: James “Dillard” Alsip

Meet James “Dillard” Alsip, our newest resident at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living. Dillard was born and raised In Vienna. The only time he left our area was to pursue his career in construction, which is the field he worked in for 43 years. He found his time in construction very rewarding as he has always enjoyed working with his hands. Dillard is proud of his hometown and has many friends that still live in the area.

Resident Spotlight: Dolores Boyd

Dolores Boyd is a longtime resident of Autumn Ridge, 9 years to be exact. She is the president of our resident council and is active in the social scene at Autumn Ridge. Dolores is responsible for planning and leading a weekly craft class where she instructs fellow residents in crochet skills and other yarn crafts. She is very devoted to life at Autumn Ridge and is always a welcome face to newcomers.

Resident Spotlight: Pat Calvin

Let us introduce you to Pat Calvin. Pat has lived at Autumn Ridge for almost a year. She grew up in Mounds City which is in the very southern part of Illinois. After graduating high school, Pat and her sister both began working for the local telephone company. Pat met James, who later became her husband in September of 1958; they moved to Mounds which is where they made their home.

Resident Spotlight: Pauline Gholson

Pauline Gholson is a fairly new resident at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living, but a pillar in the community. She grew up in Broughton, Illinois where she lived with her grandparents, mother and brother. Pauline was fond of her upbringing with her grandparents and shared stories of working with her grandmother and brother bailing hay on the farm. She went on to say that her grandmother taught her how to cook when she was just 7 years old, which is hobby that has stuck with her for her entire life.

Resident Spotlight: Truman Latham

This month’s resident spotlight is Truman Latham. Truman was born and raised in Metropolis; however, he has lived all around Southern Illinois. Truman also spent some time in Chicago where he worked at a steel plant. Truman went to school at Metropolis grade school where he left school after the eighth grade to help his father in his business ventures. Truman is the sixth of fourteen children! His mother stayed at home to help raise him and his siblings. He still has sisters living in the area who come to visit him during the holiday season.

Resident Spotlight: Garnelle Trover

Garnelle Trover is a 4 year resident of Autumn Ridge Supportive Living. During her time at Autumn Ridge, she has enjoyed participating in many activities and listening to a wide variety of musical groups. Garnelle is a long time resident of Johnson County, being born and raised in “the big city of Ozark.” Garnelle reminisced about many memories over the years right here in Johnson County.