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Resident Spotlight


Learn about the wonderful clients we serve in our residential programs…

Resident Spotlight: Truman Latham

This month’s resident spotlight is Truman Latham. Truman was born and raised in Metropolis; however, he has lived all around Southern Illinois. Truman also spent some time in Chicago where he worked at a steel plant. Truman went to school at Metropolis grade school where he left school after the eighth grade to help his father in his business ventures. Truman is the sixth of fourteen children! His mother stayed at home to help raise him and his siblings. He still has sisters living in the area who come to visit him during the holiday season.

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Resident Spotlight: Garnelle Trover

Garnelle Trover is a 4 year resident of Autumn Ridge Supportive Living. During her time at Autumn Ridge, she has enjoyed participating in many activities and listening to a wide variety of musical groups. Garnelle is a long time resident of Johnson County, being born and raised in “the big city of Ozark.” Garnelle reminisced about many memories over the years right here in Johnson County.

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Resident Spolight: Shirley Wolfe

Shirley Wolfe has been a resident of Autumn Ridge for over a year, but she is a long time fixture of Southern Illinois. Shirley was born in Reevesville, but her father’s ministerial career brought her and her family to Brookport, Cypress, Karnak, and other small towns in the area. She graduated from Vienna High school and considers Vienna to be her home. Shirley grew up with her older sister who she remains very close with today.

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Resident Spotlight: Peggy Watts

Peggy Watts has lived at Autumn Ridge for almost three years. Most of Peggy’s life she lived in Massac County. Early on her father owned a grocery store in Brookport where she attended school. After her father got out of the grocery business, her parents and grandparents swapped houses. This move then put her family in the rural part of the county causing her to switch from Brookport Grade School to Unity Grade School. The house swap enabled her father to run the family farm. Peggy was the third of four daughters.

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