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Arrowleaf Partner FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers are listed below:

What does Arrowleaf do?

Arrowleaf works with partners like you to provide resources and opportunities that build well-being for Southern Illinoisans throughout their lives so they can reach their potential and help our communities thrive.

We offer more than 25 programs across three areas essential to well-being and strong communities: Behavioral Health, Developmental Services, and Community Collaboration. With such a diverse range of programs, there are many ways we can partner with you.

Why does Arrowleaf exist?

Arrowleaf exists to strengthen Southern Illinois by supporting people in our region as they weather the storms that everyone faces throughout their lives. 

Think of us as the organization that builds a foundation of well-being for your patients. Just as buildings are better able to withstand bad weather with a strong foundation, your patients will be better equipped to overcome life’s challenges when they have access to the foundational resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

Who does Arrowleaf work with?

Arrowleaf works to build and maintain well-being for individuals of all ages across Southern Illinois, regardless of their life situation.

Everyone needs support to reach their potential, and the types of support we need changes throughout our lives. That’s why Arrowleaf works with Southern Illlionisans in a diverse array of areas, throughout all stages of life.

How does Arrowleaf address the variety of common human needs that exist in the region?

With more than 25 programs, we are able to support Southern Illinoisans through a wide variety of challenges that can come up at different points in life

We recognize that the challenges that exist in our communities, and the resources needed to build well-being, are always evolving. That’s why we aim to constantly expand and innovate our services and approach in response to feedback from people in our communities and partners like you. When we cannot help with a specific challenge ourselves, we aim to refer people to one of our many partners. On the flip side, when you run into a challenge you can’t address with a patient, we hope you’ll refer them to us.

Why should I work with Arrowleaf?

Arrowleaf is the organization you can rely on to build upon the work you are already doing to help your patients overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Through our more than 25 programs and collaborations with many other resources in our region, we are able to work with you to ensure your patients can overcome just about any challenge they face throughout their lives.

Why does Arrowleaf value community collaboration?

Though Arrowleaf offers a wide variety of opportunities and resources to Southern Illinoisans of all ages and backgrounds, it is not possible for any one organization to address every challenge faced by people throughout our region. We value community collaboration because partnerships with other local organizations allow us to connect people with resources and reliable referrals for services we do not offer ourselves, broaden our reach in the community, and make a deeper impact. Together with our partners, we can do more to improve the quality of life for all Southern Illinoisans and strengthen our region.

How does Arrowleaf contribute to community prosperity and economic impact?

Arrowleaf helps individuals thrive by providing access to resources and opportunities that build well-being and make it easier to overcome life’s challenges. When people thrive, they contribute more fully to our communities, and build economic prosperity that benefits everyone in our region.

Between employment at our organization, the goods and services we purchase locally, and the programs and services we provide to our communities, Arrowleaf’s economic impact is over $25 million per year.

Why are advocacy and education important to Arrowleaf’s mission?

At Arrowleaf, we know that effective human services organizations do far more than provide direct services to address urgent needs. That is why we also:

  • advocate on a local and state level for the conditions that allow people across Southern Illinois to thrive;
  • educate stakeholders about the needs and resources that exist within our communities;
  • and work to address the societal conditions—such as poverty and inequality—that can deepen the need for direct services.

By focusing on the intersection between direct services, advocacy and education, we’re able to do more to build well-being and strengthen our region.

Will Arrowleaf offer the specific type of service or resource the people I work with need?

With more than 25 programs and services for people of all ages that we’ve developed in direct response to feedback from people and partners in our communities, we can help your patients with almost any challenge they are going through in some way. If for some reason we cannot offer the sort of support they need, we can connect them with other resources and programs in our region that can.

Does Arrowleaf have long waiting lists? The people I work with need support now!

We understand how important it is for your patients to be able to access the support they need, when they need it. We will do whatever we can to make sure they don’t have to wait to access services, especially when they have an urgent need.

Historically, long waiting lists have been due to a workforce shortage and growing needs for our services in our region. We’re working to address this every day by focusing on employee recruitment and retention and our service delivery process, and we welcome feedback from partners like you.

What if the people I work with are not able pay for Arrowleaf services?

As an organization that provides essential services to people in our region, we will never turn anyone away based on their ability to pay.